Sunday, July 29, 2012


           JV rugby contesting a lineout

A scrum between RVA and Mongu.

A ruck is formed once the ball carrier has been tackled.

Rugby this year has been a fun and very challenging sport for me.  When I first came to RVA I didn't think that it would be very hard to train for the sport; I assumed that it was going to be like American football in that it would be intense but not too hard.  I was comepletely wrong.  Rugby is a continous game with no breaks until halftime.  It requires a huge amount of stamina, speed, and field awareness, that before the season started, I did not have.  However, once the season started, my coach made the entire team do morning runs.  Morning runs are good for fitness, but extremely annoying because you have to wake up at 5:30 am and run sprints for 45 minutes.  Racing to get a shower and make it to classes on time was hard but this exercise did make us one of the fittest teams in our league.  In the end, all the conditioning paid off and we finished 3rd in our division.

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