Wednesday, April 25, 2012

God Provides!

 God provided a 2003 Defender with a newly rebuilt engine for us!  We are loving having continous 4 wheel drive and a tough truck!

Levi and Claire like their special seats in the back!

Dropping Jeremiah off at his dorm at RVA.  It was sad to say good-bye.

April Birthdays

Levi's birthday was more of a 3 day celebration.  On his actual birth date, April 11th, we were traveling to the WGM Kenya Field Retreat and I knew it would be difficult celebrating it there.  Levi chose pizza for his birthday dinner.  We had a great time together!

Levi's dream came true.  He wanted the Maverick nerf gun and was so excited when he opened this present.

Levi decorated his own cake with candycanes and pop rocks.  He is helping me with this blog post and wants everyone to know he got a lego set too, and already had the jedi starfighter built by the time we had cake.

This present is probably his favorite...he reads it constantly!

Jeremiah's birthday was on April 2nd and he turned 15.  We were so glad he was on break and home so we could celebrate together.

Levi spent a lot of time wrapping this present for Jeremiah.  He gave him 15 toilet paper rolls as a joke and was so proud of his present for him.

Dan and my birthday were also in April, but we forgot to take pictures...typical.  We celebrated with 4 other missionaries with birthdays around the same time. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Easter at Tenwek

Easter Sunrise Service in one of the missionary's yard.  Each year we decorate the cross with flowers on Easter morning.  It is so beautiful as the sun rays begin to shine on the cross!

Claire takes a sign language class with her friends and signed a song with them for the Easter Sunrise Service.

Jessica Wilging, Dan's niece, came to visit the week of Easter.  God used her in so many amazing ways with all the MK's, local Kenyan kids, Peds patients, with us, and with our church. We were so blessed!  This picture is of her presenting the Easter story to MK's and Kenyan kids before the annual Easter egg hunt on Saturday.  Following are pictures. -

Kids listen to the retelling of the Resurrection story.

All had fun hunting for eggs!

Jessica also taught an impromtu class on poetry and drawing cartoon characters. 

Claire and Jess hanging clothes out to dry.

Jeremiah's Home!

Jeremiah to the rescue!  Rodents make me feel panicky - they disgust me!  We have had a mouse in our kitchen for some time now.  Jeremiah delights in killing pesty animals and caught it in the non-traditional way by smashing it with his foot!


Jeremiah hanging with his MK buddies at Tenwek who all attend RVA together.

I wanted to include a picture of the three upper compound dogs.  Chuma is the German Shepherd, Ema is the boxer, and Rugby, the newest addition, is a Golden/lab mix.  Playing and wrestling is their favorite thing to do together!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Trip to the Mara

Dan and I spent a weekend out in the Masaii Mara for our anniversary.  We stayed at a quaint beautiful lodge which served just up to 14 people.  I was apprehensive at first, because we had never been to Ngerenda before, but it turned out to be the best anniversary getaway ever.  We even were able to visit a Masaii village.  The warrior with me in this pic was our tour guide, and in the background is a one of the many identical houses that make up this village.

In every Masaii village the single young men are trained to be warriors who protect and hunt for the village's food.  They're also extreme jumpers!

We were able to see the inside of a Masaai house which is built exclusively by the women.  Existing in each house were only two beds with cow leather for a mattress, a mud cook stove/fire pit, and a room to pen up the kid goats for the night.


Dan and I are on a walking safari, dangerous, but we had an armed guard with us, so we felt safe.  We are standing next to a hippo trail.  When we are on safari, all night long we hear the bellows of hippos.  We have learned that all the hippos exit the river at night to forage for food, following the same trail, while the mothers ready to birth, or who have too young of calves, stay back, and that's who we are hearing.