Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April Birthdays

Levi's birthday was more of a 3 day celebration.  On his actual birth date, April 11th, we were traveling to the WGM Kenya Field Retreat and I knew it would be difficult celebrating it there.  Levi chose pizza for his birthday dinner.  We had a great time together!

Levi's dream came true.  He wanted the Maverick nerf gun and was so excited when he opened this present.

Levi decorated his own cake with candycanes and pop rocks.  He is helping me with this blog post and wants everyone to know he got a lego set too, and already had the jedi starfighter built by the time we had cake.

This present is probably his favorite...he reads it constantly!

Jeremiah's birthday was on April 2nd and he turned 15.  We were so glad he was on break and home so we could celebrate together.

Levi spent a lot of time wrapping this present for Jeremiah.  He gave him 15 toilet paper rolls as a joke and was so proud of his present for him.

Dan and my birthday were also in April, but we forgot to take pictures...typical.  We celebrated with 4 other missionaries with birthdays around the same time. 

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