Saturday, November 12, 2011

Meet our new dog, Chuma!

 Levi often escapes to do any reading homework on Daddy's Lazy boy.  Once a week we set it outside and let it sun because of all the mold/mildew - (this chair is ancient and we don't know where it came from, but it was in our house when we moved in and Dan is determined to keep it and rid it of all allergens).

 First pictures of our German Shepherd puppy, Chuma (means "iron" in kiswahili) and is the same word for the "plates" that Dan uses to fix fractures.  He is 16 weeks old which means he needs alot of love, training, and care, so Emma, Claire, and Levi have been taking turns doing "dog duty" all week.  The responsibility is so good for them, and reminds them that having a dog was a family decision and as a family we are going to care and love him.  We didn't go to Nairobi this past weekend planning to get a dog, but the opportunity presented itself and we took it.  Jeremiah was with us and it was special to pick out Chuma together before taking Jeremiah back to school.

He is a handsome dog, smart, and loyal already.  We are still working on the potty training though, and we are relieved that he is  finally figuring it out.

 Levi and his best friend Isaac.  They are an inseparable pair!

 Emma is still as affectionate as ever with dogs and has been a big help to Dan and I with  Chuma! 

A glimpse into the teenage life at Tenwek.  Whether it's organizing the next volleyball game or the next party they bring lots of challenge and fun to our lives!