Saturday, February 25, 2012

February Fun

Ashely, Lydia, and Claire and I had a special opportunity to let all our brothers and sisters at RVA know that we love them this Valentine's Day.  The girls made a homemade card for each person and we sent a bag of Valentine candy. 

Levi set up a wrestling arena in our living room.  If you can figure out what his sign says it is all about warning of danger and safety.  Levi has been loving one on one time with Dad.

Levi still collects toilet paper rolls just like last term.  Today he made a semi-automatic rifle.  You should see the mess on my school room floor.  It's ok, I enjoy seeing his creative mind at work!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Cardiac Team and Anatomy Lab!

 For two weeks in January, we had the priviledge of hosting the Cardiac Team from Ocala, FL.  The best part about it?  The heart surgeon was Dan's oldest brother John!  They operated on 16 patients, including the wife of one of the professors at the nursing school.

 We had so much fun with John's team, and ate many meals together, including a special surprise that John brought all the way from the U.S. - a whole beef tenderloin!

With meals comes many dishes!  Thankfully John and Dan were willing to help out.

All of our kids LOVE uncle John!

Speaking of part of our homeschooling curriculum here at Tenwek, we have been arranging anatomy teaching labs with the docs around Tenwek.  Here is Dr. Russ White teaching the kids with a cow heart from the Tenwek butchery.

Levi has especially been into the experiences.  He was given a pair of scrubs from the Osteens that he wears to these special events.

I think I know Levi's future career!

Like Father, like son.

Dan did a lab on the musculoskeletal system using cow bones guessed it...the Tenwek Butchery.

Dr. Steve Burgert did a lab on the gastrointestinal system. 

Levi and Chuma.

Levi's report he recently did on "German Shepherds."