Monday, September 19, 2011

Claire's "baby!"

Claire:  this is Peter Joseph, a little, cute baby I got to hold and love.
 He was abandoned by his mom and left at a Bomet Church and
brought to Tenwek by the police.  I love him so much!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Attending a Kipsigis Wedding

 On the way up to Motigo (largest hill around our area) where the wedding of one of my former househelper's was to take place.  Claire calls the overlook of the valley, "God's Quilt."
 The wedding was held at Motigo AGC church located right next to the local school.
 Emma, Kayla Chupp, and Abby Bemm as well as the rest of our group were seated in the front row of the church, which was quite an honor, and it was a perfect place to take pictures.
 This is one of the many fascinating pictures I took.  In the Kipsigis tradition it is customary for the bride to wrap her train around the groom after they exchange rings.   Both bride and groom wear tinsel around their necks also.  The bride also had a fancy tierra with a bright red flashing light on it.
Pastors and family gather around to pray for the couple. 

What a great experience this wedding was, and it only started 2 hours late!  Those of us who went estimated the "real" start date, and only had to wait 30 minutes for the bride to arrive.  One of the most amazing parts of this wedding for me was the amount of attendants. There were at least 10 flower girls, 40 adolescent girls who lined the aisle making way for the bride, and about 20 groomsmen.  The church was packed with guests, and the motigo area kids crowded in the doorways, while other adults peeked through the church windows.  It was truly one of those cultural experiences I won't forget!