Sunday, April 15, 2012

Trip to the Mara

Dan and I spent a weekend out in the Masaii Mara for our anniversary.  We stayed at a quaint beautiful lodge which served just up to 14 people.  I was apprehensive at first, because we had never been to Ngerenda before, but it turned out to be the best anniversary getaway ever.  We even were able to visit a Masaii village.  The warrior with me in this pic was our tour guide, and in the background is a one of the many identical houses that make up this village.

In every Masaii village the single young men are trained to be warriors who protect and hunt for the village's food.  They're also extreme jumpers!

We were able to see the inside of a Masaai house which is built exclusively by the women.  Existing in each house were only two beds with cow leather for a mattress, a mud cook stove/fire pit, and a room to pen up the kid goats for the night.


Dan and I are on a walking safari, dangerous, but we had an armed guard with us, so we felt safe.  We are standing next to a hippo trail.  When we are on safari, all night long we hear the bellows of hippos.  We have learned that all the hippos exit the river at night to forage for food, following the same trail, while the mothers ready to birth, or who have too young of calves, stay back, and that's who we are hearing.

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The "Not-So" Empty Nest said...

What an adventure!!
Happy anniversary!