Sunday, May 20, 2012

Black Rock

Black Rock is the long anticipated tournament of the Rift Valley Academy Rugby season.  Both JV and Varsity teams from RVA participate.  Jeremiah was bumped up to varsity for this tournament (exiting!)  Searching for him once we arrived, we hardly recognize him in his coat of mud.

Rugby is totally different from American football and we are still learning how the game is played.  It is my new favorite sport because of its fast and furious pace and intensity.  The terms used are unique - such as scrum, pitch, try, prop, lineouts, etc.  Jeremiah plays in the position of prop which is in the scrum (pictured above).  You can only see his leg because he is right in the front pushing hard to get the ball. 

These are the boys from Tenwek who are on varsity.  Tradition holds that every player has to shave their head for Black Rock.  They all looked hilarious!

Jeremiah is #4 and what he is doing is called a lineout.  Each team tries to get the ball this way when it is thrown in from out of bounds.

Even though Jeremiah was mostly with his team, we were able to get a few moments to be together!  We miss him and are glad that he is able to have opportunities like Rugby at RVA.

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Nathan Kinkel said...

Very cool, Jeremiah, if I were there, I'd be shooting all your games man.