Wednesday, August 17, 2011

We're here!

                                          Worldwide beverage...Coca-Cola! This is one of the
                                          many signs found at the baggage claim in the Nairobi
                                         I'm thankful for "big kids!"  Jeremiah and Emma
                                         were a huge help to Dan while the younger two and
                                         I guarded the bags.
                                        We were the stereotypical Americans with all our "stuff." 
                                        What was even more "classic American" was the way
                                        Levi expressed his fatigue by talking really loud! 
                                        When Dan or I would tell him to be quiet he would just
                                        say, "I can't help it!"


The "Not-So" Empty Nest said...

Love the pics Heather!
Thanks for posting ;)

Nathan Kinkel said...

lol, Levi, Uncle Nathan's the same way when he gets tired too. So glad you guys made it safely

The Kinkel Family said...

yay for a safe trip! Loved skype-ing with you this morning. my kiddos miss your kiddos tons...
Scout: where my friend levi?
Me: he went on a plane to live in africa, remember?
Scout: no! come back! come back NOW, levi!!

dave & sonya said...

so happy you all made it safely & with all that stuff!
love from Ana & Maci to sweet Claire :)

Hoekzema said...

Great photos! So happy for safe travels for all of you!