Saturday, August 20, 2011

Experience Nairobi!

                                          Avacodo's are one of my favorite things to eat! This
                                          one was really pricey....20 cents!
                                          We stayed at Hampton House (one of the many guest-
                                           houses in Nairobi). Our apartment was right there on
                                           the second floor.

                                          Enjoying our favorite sodas! They are made with real
                                          sugar which to us tastes so much better.

                                          Nakumatt:  The Kenyan equivalent of "Walmart" where
                                          we shop for all our supplies and groceries.

                                          The kids helped us shop. It actually was a positive
                                          experience, thank the Lord, because that isn't always
                                          the case.  They were really tired at the end though.

                                          Jeremiah and Emma are exhausted, but actually it was
                                          ok, because we didn't have to deal with calming any of
                                          the usual hyperness.  Their muscle and size helped
                                          tremendously with the transportation and loading of
                                          the stuff.


The "Not-So" Empty Nest said...

Yum! You can make some serious guacamole with those! I've never seen them that lucious looking!!
The shopping experience pics are acutally kinda hilarious :)

dave&sonya said...

Maci wants to know why Claire got a haircut!
{darling, Claire!}

The Kinkel Family said...

I have avocado envy! I just spent $5 to get 3 :(
Love the pics, guys - keep 'em coming!!!

Andy and Kiara said...

That avocado is about the size we get from my in-law's avocado ranch in Escondido, CA. Yum! It's nice to see pictures of your home. I can only imagine how painful the goodbyes were. May God comfort your hearts during this transition.