Tuesday, December 13, 2011

GIving Thanks, Part 2

Claire holding a precious baby!  During Katie and Kristi's visit we were able to go a baby center.  This was my first experience here, and it turned out to be an incredible opportunity to share the love of Jesus with orphaned or abandoned babies and toddlers.

This is the 6-15 month-old group.  When it is mealtime all the babies are placed on the floor and they eat their rice and beans from a bowl.  They do very well feeding themselves in this way, and can even drink from an open two handled cup.


Claire loved feeding the 0-5 month old babies their bottles.  The babies are brought outside often and roll around on gym mats during their wake time.

Katie had many babies wanting her attention.  They needed so much love and touch from us.

  Here Katie is helping give the babies their snack of fruit.

Levi felt a little nervous at first, but warmed up quickly to the babies.

Carolyn, a short term missionary serving at Tenwek, came with us.  Here she is playing with the toddler group.

Kristie especially loved being with the infants!

Lydia, Claire's friend from Tenwek, came with us.  She and Claire were a great help with the 6-15 month olds!

The toddlers were enthralled with the bubbles!  Levi had a challenging time teaching them to take turns and share.

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