Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fun Times Together

 Jeremiah arrived home just in time for our Friday night pizza tradition!  It was such a blessing and joy to be together again!
 This is the first time since we returned to Kenya that Jeremiah was able to be with us for pizza night.  At RVA he said they don't serve pizza, so he enjoyed every bite because he knew Saturday was coming with leg surgery, pain, and nausea.
 Emma and Kayla Chupp (another MK at Tenwek).  Look closely, they are wearing chameleons.
 This is our homeschooling room.  It is comfortable and inviting because of the natural sunlight streaming in and the entertaining birds that come and go.
Even though this picture looks otherwise, Levi actually enjoys school and loves to learn, which energizes me to teach him.
 When Dan was away on a camping trip with Jeremiah and his dorm brothers, the other three kids and I decided to party!  We all made our own pizzas (including the dough)played games, and watched movies!  I was surprised at how much fun we had and how much they still talk about our night together.
 Emma is making her first apple pies!  We decided to make every food we could think of for Jeremiah while he was home on Midterm break.  Apple pie is one of his favorites!
 We meet, serve, and become friends with many visiting physicians and their wives. They are such an asset to what we do here!
Dan is thankful for help from visiting orthopedic surgeons!

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The "Not-So" Empty Nest said...

What special memories you made with your kids Heather!
Great to "see" all of you!